Monster trucks, Mud and Good Times

I stop watching open and cable T.V.  Now the way that content is distributed, I watch a lot of videos and shows on YouTube or Netflix. I bet you can find someone who is analyzing it and writing an essay about it but it, not my case.
The whole purpose of this post is to show you and the world that I have never been involving in it.

The name of the video is

“Lifted Trucks, ATV’s & Mud Girls – Okeechobee Mud”

Jeep Extreme Wheels 2
Big Wheels


In this video, you can watch what it looks like a mud party with a lot of Jeeps, monster trucks, Pick up trucks and other custom-made vehicles. Of course, people are having some drinks and lose time, after all, this is a big party.

Lincon Extreme Wheels


After watching a couple of this video, Google decided to show me an ad for this Truck



Mercedes-Benz pick-up truck. I wonder if it is going to come over this side of the World…


What’s the hardest thing when you start exercising?
To start!

I something to say; I am very lucky. During the past years, I have met great filmmakers who are convinced of making original content. One of them is Jared Cheer, who has been always a great colleague and told me about online contests which I am a big fan of competitions.

Cheer considers himself as a director, therefore, he can do photography.  This is the first time we collaborate.  Somehow I got a RED camera and with his lights, we filmed a script which I started writing with Taylor Miles and then took it to the “dissection table” with Roxanne Rejfek and it is what it is: One-week pre preproduction, half day production, and 5 weeks post.

The result makes me happy, I am capable of start and finish a project with willing as a fuel. Let the Judges do their Job and the audience decide if it deserves a  thumb up or not.

Autumn, Winter, Spring, but it was “Summer of 84” (Film Review)

On July 30th I have the opportunity to be at the cast and crew screening of a Canadian independent film: “Summer of  84“. I wasn’t part of the crew neither the cast, it was my girlfriend who worked in the film.

The movie has a unique workflow because it has three directors! Thankfully they have made a film together before: Turbo Kid. I assume they know each other very well. Another relevant characteristic is that the cinematographer is the music composer for the film! These Quebec based artists are taking each film very personal.

Summer of 84 has some interesting elements but it is not a masterpiece. In my opinion, this movie does follow or adapt to the new trends and ideas that are happening in the entreating industry and visual media, it got stuck in the past.

The most importat, this idea become a scritp whcih got attention and the producers decided to make it and bam! its on the theaters internationally.

Summer of 84 Cast and Crew screening.JPG

Film Gear Canada

The future is looking mega technological. Every day there are hundreds of people thinking a way to improve our world. Some of those people design tools for video makers.

Every year there are hundreds of events, conferences, and even tutorial videos about the new gear available the prosumers.

I really believe that nothing can stop you to make a good video. For example, this commercial I did for Film Gear Canada, where I used my “work-horse” camera, the 5D Mark III and the footage looks amazing!

Lighting can change the whole game and that what actually happened. I have to my disposal a large portfolio of lights provided by FGC.

FGC is run by amazing people. You can use the code MH2018 and get a deal!

Split Video Inspiration

Most of the time, I watch random videos on Youtube. Lately, I´d been watching many vlogs and sports news. Especially FIFA World Cup vids.

Splitting video style of editing I enjoy it a lot. Right now I am on a quest; To find the coolest music video with split screen editing. What’s yours?

So I found these so far:

This video is one of my favourites, bands and videos: