Salmgundi gets in Post-Production but before that I want to say:

After three days of production filming in a couple locations, dealing with last minute problems and adding creative input we had filmed this short film and now it is time to cut it and edit it!

Before I start talking about the post-production process I want to be grateful and mention and thank some amazing people who collaborate in this production!

Thank you, Lanivette Lew, Viola Abley and Razvan Orban for being an amazing cast!

Thank you Robert Oystryk for your help in the make up department and to pull a prank on Rafa! As well a big recolonization and thanks to Adailie Lew for the custom design!

Thank you, Vincent Oosterhof for your work in the camera!

Thank you, Anne! For being such a great facilitator in this production! without you, nothing will be possible for this short film! As well as our new friends from The Candy Room!

Special thanks to Film Gear Canada for the equipment!


2 thoughts on “Salmgundi gets in Post-Production but before that I want to say:”

  1. Hey George, right now we have two cuts and we are going to decide which one is the good one and start making the sound track and maybe foley… depends of how much budget we can raise up. I hope work is good with you! This summer had been busy for Vancouverian crews!


  2. Hey. How are you. Did you ever finish the film? Had fun doing it. George

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