Marketing, Nanodegree And Popcorn?

Since very young age I’ve been a film lover and thru the years I became a filmmaker. I love making films, writing films, editing films but there is one thing I love the most and it is sharing my films with everyone!

The industry of filmmaking has been changing in the past 10 years. Now the audience can watch films in so many avenues!Now, the audience is not just at the cinema, the audience is everywhere! They can watch movies on their phones! The movie rental franchise as what it used to be called Blockbuster had evolute to what is called online streaming: Netflix. As well, other companies like Amazon are getting into the game of broadcasting movies and series. So how can me, an ordinary guy, share with people my creations? How can I make notice my independent movie, when I am competing for the attention of people with a multimillion-dollar production by Disney?
The answer: Good Marketing


So many ideas in my head; should I enroll in a full time, four-year program to learn how to market my own movies?  That is a big investment of time and money! With that, I could fund a movie! Should be there other option.

So after a long research, I discovered Digital Marketing Nanodegree.  This program is going to be my first step to learn the dark and the bright sides of marketing, and not just any type of marketing, the online type. I think this is a perfect way to start.