What’s the hardest thing when you start exercising?
To start!

I something to say; I am very lucky. During the past years, I have met great filmmakers who are convinced of making original content. One of them is Jared Cheer, who has been always a great colleague and told me about online contests which I am a big fan of competitions.

Cheer considers himself as a director, therefore, he can do photography.  This is the first time we collaborate.  Somehow I got a RED camera and with his lights, we filmed a script which I started writing with Taylor Miles and then took it to the “dissection table” with Roxanne Rejfek and it is what it is: One-week pre preproduction, half day production, and 5 weeks post.

The result makes me happy, I am capable of start and finish a project with willing as a fuel. Let the Judges do their Job and the audience decide if it deserves a  thumb up or not.