Monster trucks, Mud and Good Times

I stop watching open and cable T.V.  Now the way that content is distributed, I watch a lot of videos and shows on YouTube or Netflix. I bet you can find someone who is analyzing it and writing an essay about it but it, not my case.
The whole purpose of this post is to show you and the world that I have never been involving in it.

The name of the video is

“Lifted Trucks, ATV’s & Mud Girls – Okeechobee Mud”

Jeep Extreme Wheels 2
Big Wheels


In this video, you can watch what it looks like a mud party with a lot of Jeeps, monster trucks, Pick up trucks and other custom-made vehicles. Of course, people are having some drinks and lose time, after all, this is a big party.

Lincon Extreme Wheels


After watching a couple of this video, Google decided to show me an ad for this Truck



Mercedes-Benz pick-up truck. I wonder if it is going to come over this side of the World…