My experience with Udacity

Recently, I started an online course about Digital Marketing by Udacity. This program taught me basic knowledge about marketing. For example the Journal of the customer. I think it is a complete program that combines lectures in a format of videos with practical exercise. They made it in a way that the course has an… Continue reading My experience with Udacity


10 Days before production time

Today is Rafael's birthday! On the 18th it is going to be our first day of camera time and we are still working on stuff! Rafa and I are putting together some details on the production design. We need to get some illustrations finish before the shooting day. We need to have one day where… Continue reading 10 Days before production time

Music Video

Last year around on April I made three music videos this s one of them! Thank you so much Jason Lawrence!! without your help this video won't exist! Jason Lawrence is the host of the Medicine Show! He is live on air every Friday Night on CiTR Radio Vancouver! In the show he hosts musicians… Continue reading Music Video