10 Days before production time

Today is Rafael’s birthday!

On the 18th it is going to be our first day of camera time and we are still working on stuff! Rafa and I are putting together some details on the production design. We need to get some illustrations finish before the shooting day.

We need to have one day where we can do a rehearsal with all the cast together.

Sometimes is hard to imagine what the cast and crew want for craft services,  I am not a fan of coffee but that doesn’t mean everybody hates coffee, so coffee must be part our craft kit. As well I wonder if there is anybody allergic to something, I better start asking for basic info to cast and crew!

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100 video tools

End of casting

Vancouver is a city with so much talent. Now I understand why so many successful T.V shows and movies productions decide to film at Vancouver. So much talent to choose from!  Today Rafa and I hold our second day casting at the Vancouver Public Library.

At the library, there are some creative suits where it is possible to create a diversity of media. From podcast to video. As well they have space to do green screen, it is an amazing place!

Today Rafa and I testify performance of young actors and actresses. I love the multiculturalism of the city! As well some amazing non-speaking performance and as well two older ladies.

Now it is time to start to organize the shot list and the final aspects of logistics.

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Independent Film maker

The world of cinema has always ups and downs. Movies are not just art, they are business as well, an industry. In some places of the world, cinema creates so many jobs. In other parts of the world cinema is just a way to make art.

I would like to know what is the main problem for independent film makers that they don’t create for Hollywood.  Money? Cast? Story? Distribution?

Arri 300 Fresnel Light 300 Watt 531300

Music Video

Last year around on April I made three music videos this s one of them!

Thank you so much Jason Lawrence!! without your help this video won’t exist!

Jason Lawrence is the host of the Medicine Show! He is live on air every Friday Night on CiTR Radio Vancouver! In the show he hosts musicians and artists! I miss that space!



I am always looking for new artist to make their music videos!