Metal my inspiration

Who can understand the nature of creation? Every time that I feel the loneliest hours of life, ideas come to my mind. I gotta say, some of them are not pleasant to have. There are like a novel of Stephen King. Destruction. But on the bright side of the spectrum, some ideas are alright and have the potential to become great ideas. The next project is inspired by my youth and the dreams I had: be part of a metal band.

I used to have long hair, wear all black and listen Metallica day and night. As well, I learned to play guitar and bass with their songs. In this search of an identity, I discovered a world that let me escape from the problems I had. I gotta confess, nothing dangerous like a civil war. I was just things happening at home. I discovered tragedies like Dimebag from Pantera, Cliff Burton from Metallica and Led Zeppelin drummer, John Bonham. But their music made come back from my deepest and darkest moments and grab a guitar and rock on!

So please be patient, there is going to be a new film made by me and this time I am going to direct it! I feel that this is going to knock your socks off!


Crypto Token

Today I had a long conversation with my brother. This winter we have been very busy with life. He is developing so many projects, all of them they have something in common; They envolved Chatbots.

The best way that my brother and I talk is thru Facebook. He shared me the idea of creating our own cryptocurrency. I would like to link these two ideas: Filmmaking & Fundraising.

Be ready.

List to read before this project starts.



Finally, it’s done! Thank you to everyone who is part of this short film, it looks amazing! I will be scheduling a screening in the mouth of December, you are invited, feel free to invite your friends! I will announce it soon thru this avenue.

Salmagundi it is a short film developed earlier in the year. My dear friend Rafa a special effects artist and sculpture artist invited me to create a short film together. At the time, Rafa and I always talked at friends reunions, went to music events and other activities but we never worked together before, now and I can say I enjoyed the journey. Let’s make another one!

As director of photography this project had the fortune to be filmed with the DSLR Sony Alpha IIS with a zoom ZEISS. Every time I get any dailies from this camera I’m amazed at the results of the picture.

The music is composed by my friend Craig Stevenson. We met back in the time at the jazz band in High School. Thank you!




My experience with Udacity

Recently, I started an online course about Digital Marketing by Udacity. This program taught me basic knowledge about marketing. For example the Journal of the customer.

I think it is a complete program that combines lectures in a format of videos with practical exercise. They made it in a way that the course has an independent organism that is getting exposure thanks to the student’s assignments. Very clever!

Therefore, I find some late response for students with problems with their  IT system. Sometimes I felt that some of their lectures were not as deep as other ones.

Overall it is a great course that can bring you practical experience.

Marketing, Nanodegree And Popcorn?

Since very young age I’ve been a film lover and thru the years I became a filmmaker. I love making films, writing films, editing films but there is one thing I love the most and it is sharing my films with everyone!

The industry of filmmaking has been changing in the past 10 years. Now the audience can watch films in so many avenues!Now, the audience is not just at the cinema, the audience is everywhere! They can watch movies on their phones! The movie rental franchise as what it used to be called Blockbuster had evolute to what is called online streaming: Netflix. As well, other companies like Amazon are getting into the game of broadcasting movies and series. So how can me, an ordinary guy, share with people my creations? How can I make notice my independent movie, when I am competing for the attention of people with a multimillion-dollar production by Disney?
The answer: Good Marketing


So many ideas in my head; should I enroll in a full time, four-year program to learn how to market my own movies?  That is a big investment of time and money! With that, I could fund a movie! Should be there other option.

So after a long research, I discovered Digital Marketing Nanodegree.  This program is going to be my first step to learn the dark and the bright sides of marketing, and not just any type of marketing, the online type. I think this is a perfect way to start.

Salmgundi gets in Post-Production but before that I want to say:

After three days of production filming in a couple locations, dealing with last minute problems and adding creative input we had filmed this short film and now it is time to cut it and edit it!

Before I start talking about the post-production process I want to be grateful and mention and thank some amazing people who collaborate in this production!

Thank you, Lanivette Lew, Viola Abley and Razvan Orban for being an amazing cast!

Thank you Robert Oystryk for your help in the make up department and to pull a prank on Rafa! As well a big recolonization and thanks to Adailie Lew for the custom design!

Thank you, Vincent Oosterhof for your work in the camera!

Thank you, Anne! For being such a great facilitator in this production! without you, nothing will be possible for this short film! As well as our new friends from The Candy Room!

Special thanks to Film Gear Canada for the equipment!