Crypto Token

Today I had a long conversation with my brother. This winter we have been very busy with life. He is developing so many projects, all of them they have something in common; They envolved Chatbots.

The best way that my brother and I talk is thru Facebook. He shared me the idea of creating our own cryptocurrency. I would like to link these two ideas: Filmmaking & Fundraising.

Be ready.

List to read before this project starts.


The importance of a good story

You look direct to the eyes of this kind lady who is ready to hear your 5min pitch. You are in the middle of the bus surround by people. Her name is Bertha, she is 67 years old. 

You take a big breath and starts pitching your movie idea… 

If she ask in the middle of your story.. there is something wrong. It could be story itself or your story-telling. If she waits till the end without saying a word and her eyes show excitement. You are in a good path!