Autumn, Winter, Spring, but it was “Summer of 84” (Film Review)

On July 30th I have the opportunity to be at the cast and crew screening of a Canadian independent film: “Summer of  84“. I wasn’t part of the crew neither the cast, it was my girlfriend who worked in the film.

The movie has a unique workflow because it has three directors! Thankfully they have made a film together before: Turbo Kid. I assume they know each other very well. Another relevant characteristic is that the cinematographer is the music composer for the film! These Quebec based artists are taking each film very personal.

Summer of 84 has some interesting elements but it is not a masterpiece. In my opinion, this movie does follow or adapt to the new trends and ideas that are happening in the entreating industry and visual media, it got stuck in the past.

The most importat, this idea become a scritp whcih got attention and the producers decided to make it and bam! its on the theaters internationally.

Summer of 84 Cast and Crew screening.JPG

Crazy 8s 2017

It was an amazing night. Full house, good short films, amazing themes and a lovely community of filmmakers. Crazy 8s is an event where filmmakers summit scripts and the jury chooses 6-8 short films to produce.

The whole city gets involved! All the camera rental house, grip and electric gear, props houses, catering companies even the unions get involved!

If you have the chance to volunteer next year for one of their short films don’t doubt to do it! It is a life changer!

Looking for good movies?

Music Video

Last year around on April I made three music videos this s one of them!

Thank you so much Jason Lawrence!! without your help this video won’t exist!

Jason Lawrence is the host of the Medicine Show! He is live on air every Friday Night on CiTR Radio Vancouver! In the show he hosts musicians and artists! I miss that space!



I am always looking for new artist to make their music videos!

The importance of a good story

You look direct to the eyes of this kind lady who is ready to hear your 5min pitch. You are in the middle of the bus surround by people. Her name is Bertha, she is 67 years old. 

You take a big breath and starts pitching your movie idea… 

If she ask in the middle of your story.. there is something wrong. It could be story itself or your story-telling. If she waits till the end without saying a word and her eyes show excitement. You are in a good path!

Script, checked! Location one, checked. What’s next?

Salmagundi the short film starts to have more structure. Now that we have the authorization of Ann, owner of the famous antique store Salmagundi West! As well our script is solid, now we are ready to start pre-production!
The official facebook page:

The casting call is on that the response of the acting community has been amazing! Now it is time to book a private studio at the Public Library of Vancouver and the first round is on! Now the next move is to get a candy shop! 

Thank you Ann!